Welcome To St. Peter Parish

We have designed this page to provide those who are new to St. Peter parish with quick access to a number of resources to acquaint you with what's going on at our parish.

Receiving the Sacraments at St. Peter Parish

Here is a link to our sacraments page. From that page you can reach information about any individual sacrament.
Just click on the image or the underlined text.

July 2018

Here is our parish calendar for the month of July.
To open, view or print the calendar from your home or office, just right-click the PDF symbol and select your option.

Events Scroller

The scrolling text on the left side of the page provides quick reference to the activities for the current week.

St. Peter Bulletins

Here is a link to our bulletin page.

Need more information?

Contact Mariah Harris - Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries at 541-689-1054

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